How to Take Your Company Public in a Few “Easy” Steps

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I have participated in over 20 IPOs and had a front-row seat for over a hundred. I have seen the same mistakes repeated over and over. In this book, I take an up-close look at how the IPO process works and how to work towards a successful IPO AND ensure the long-term financial health of your company.

The IPO process is a time of great turmoil. It consumes immense amount of management time. And brings together many competing interests. Executives need to know how to manage these interests to win over investors, and more importantly, position the company for future growth and success.

In this book I look at the stakeholders and participants in the Process. I examine the common mistakes companies and their team make. And then I walk through a better plan for approaching the IPO and the quarters that follow.

Purchase the Book here on Amazon


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